Sunday, June 1, 2008

High Interest Savings

Since I recently started an online high interest savings account I thought I would share what my research has found. Pretty much all regular savings (through any bank) have negligable interest rates, so even if you're steadily putting money in, or just maintaining a reasonable balance, you're getting nothing from it.

High interest savings give you a minimum of 3% interest, without a minimum balance to start earning it. (A lot of accounts require a minimum of $1000 to generate any growth). With high interest there are generally no or low fees annually, and you see returns on what you put in.

The downside? Any transactions not done online get dinged with a 5$ fee. So if you don't do online banking, it's not for you. If you do all your payments, transfers, ect online, the payout is worth your while.

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Jessica Morris said...

I tagged you for something I thought you might enjoy blogging about :)