Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finances aren't everything

I know that every post I make is financially focused, but our family is currently in a journey that is discovering where our finances are placed in term of priority. And it's certainly not first.

Being secure in our family budget is incredibly important to us. We need to know we're not living beyond our means. We need room to breathe, and hopefully, we need a little left over in order to be able to afford things like family trips, and updates to our home.

Our priority though, in making a financial structure for our family, is OUR FAMILY. We're doing it to be good examples for our son. We're doing it to take the stress of being stretched too thin out of our home. We make a plan to have goals in sight and achieve them, and hopefully when Sam is older we can include him in our plans and goal-making.

We recently faced a decision, a crossroads. We were in a position where there was an opportunity for me to work full time, out of the home. This job would certainly give us the opportunity to afford more travel, and update our home. We would be able to afford more stuff. But we sat, we discussed, and we decided that stuff, is just stuff. It can never replace the time I spend with my son every day. By being home, I feel our family eats healthier, because I have more time to plan and execute healthy meals. We have many lunch times together when Ted is not away. Because I maintain the household in terms of day-to-day chores, our evenings and weekends are our own. With a full time job, I would lose so much more than we would gain with extra finances.

So the decision was made, TODAY, that I would begin selling Epicure Selections. I work from home. I set my hours. I LOVE the stuff. I am not sacrificing time with Sam, and we are still gaining financially.

I am so blessed I know to be in the position that we are flexible enough in our finances to be able to work in the home.