Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Clothes for One Year??

Ok, so just because I'm AWARE of my shopaholic issues, or even RECOVERING on my shopaholic issues, does it follow that I'm strong enough to really challenge myself? After reading an article a good friend sent me (Bless you Hez, I loved it-and yes, it's worth the read) I asked myself "can I do this??" In where I am right now, I highly doubt it.

I hold onto clothes with sentiment. If I'm afraid it would be the right thing to get rid of something I barely wear, I make a point to put it on in the next couple of days, as a justification to hold onto whatever the item may be. I love travelling memories behind my shoes and sweaters, and it seems the more worn they are the more firmly I hold, like if I get rid of my Rwanda skirt the lessons and memories of Rwanda will fade. It's riduculous and true.

My girlfriends and I laugh about retail therapy when our bosses give us a hard time or our husbands are playing video games more than hanging outwith us. We actually do it while remarking that it's an unhealthy way of making ourselves feel better. Swipe and smile. Did it come from ads? I don't know, probably. Curse those subliminal messages hidden in kids t.v. shows and cereal boxes. They're easier to blame than my own weakness anyway.

My sis in law said something that has stuck with me so deeply. She said "Als, you don't even need to try, but you need to try to try." Some people would see that as an excuse for half hearted attempts, but it didn't affect me that way. It reminded me that even if I'm not succeeding at something, attempting it is better than letting my failure get in the way of trying.

Am I going to try to give up clothes for a year? Probably not. Am I going to THINK about trying to give up clothes for the year? That's more realistic to where I am right now. Maybe from now on I'll NOT swipe and smile.


Miss Fitz said...

glad you thought this is interesting!

Jessica Morris said...

i miss reading your entries! I keep checking for updates!