Saturday, May 31, 2008

Save on Groceries

As I was doing my weekly shop a couple weeks ago, I was stopped a PC Financial employee. Ted and I are champion power shoppers, we split up, get moving, and get our shops done in record time. I don't like interruption.

He asked if I wanted a PC Mastercard....I tuned out after that, until I heard $20 free groceries. Hmmmm??? If I get accepted for a card I get $20 in free groceries. Why would I want another credit card? Because for every dollar I spend, I get points toward my groceries. The guy did a good job selling, I'll give him that.

Standing in the grocery store my rational was: I can spend 10 minutes applying, and I will have earned $20, to spend on things I would've bought anyways.
I'm in.

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