Saturday, May 31, 2008

Save on Groceries

As I was doing my weekly shop a couple weeks ago, I was stopped a PC Financial employee. Ted and I are champion power shoppers, we split up, get moving, and get our shops done in record time. I don't like interruption.

He asked if I wanted a PC Mastercard....I tuned out after that, until I heard $20 free groceries. Hmmmm??? If I get accepted for a card I get $20 in free groceries. Why would I want another credit card? Because for every dollar I spend, I get points toward my groceries. The guy did a good job selling, I'll give him that.

Standing in the grocery store my rational was: I can spend 10 minutes applying, and I will have earned $20, to spend on things I would've bought anyways.
I'm in.

Coupon Clipper

So, I've found a pet peeve about being a Canadian. A (very) small one in comparison to all the upsides, but in my money saving quest it is a thorn in my side. On American budget savvy blogs a lot of people share freebies, coupons, and favourite deals of the week. It's hard reading a lot of great deals, and not being able to really use any of them!

I therefore was overjoyed, when I found a great coupon site for CANADIANS. posts coupons that change all the time, for items usually on a weekly shopping list. You pick which coupons you like and they mail them to you the next business day.
New favourite!

An intro is required

I’ve been thinking about a blog for over a year. When I was prepping for my wedding and marriage I thought it would be a great way to share ideas and discuss what goes on in the weeks and months leading up. Then, once I was married and moved 13 hours away from friends and family, I thought it would be a good idea to use a blog to keep everyone informed on what Ted and I were up to. What I felt I was really lacking was a central theme for my blog. I wanted to talk about everything, but when I have that much creative space I usually end up talking about nothing.

I finally figured out something that is specific, yet broad enough that I’ll never run out of things to say. Money. Specifically, managing finances. After getting married I’ve become really enthusiastic about budgets, shopping lists and high interest savings, things that before I was married really didn’t matter to me. After doing some casual research, and talking to friends and family, my eyes are open as to how much I have to learn and how much discipline I lack when it comes to money habits.

I read somewhere that there are two ways to improve your finances: make more, or spend less, but there’s a lot of creativity and wisdom people put in to saving and spending. I’ve read blogs where stay at home moms make money stretch farther than I could possibly hope to, and articles about money tips that are common sense to most, but not so much to me.

So as I learn, I’ll share. And hopefully ask lots and lots of questions.
And of course, I’ll include the obligatory share from life, work and marriage.