Monday, June 2, 2008

Budget Busters

So, Jessica tagged me in this Budget Buster Challenge. Basically you get tagged, and you reveal 5 things that despite being on a budget, you still splurge on. Admit, what challenges your budget?
The rules are simple: you have to tag 3 people to carry on the challenge and link back to the person who tagged you. Please also use the graphic at the top of this post. You can link to it or copy and paste it.

My Five Budget Busters are:

1. Books. Granted, Ted and I buy most of our books used, but still we CANNOT resist picking up a few when we go. Our bookshelves are protesting under the weight of our indulgence, but I cannot resist the thrill that comes with taking home a new book and cracking the cover for the first time!

2. Coffee. Whether it's buying Starbucks during the work day or Tims before a road trip, I need my daily fix....four or five times over. Most of the coffee I drink I do brew at home, but if I'm out, I cave to the caffeine addiction.

3. My Rachael Ray magazine. It may seem a splurge, but in actual fact, it has saved my sanity as a part time housewife. She outlines whole shopping lists that are quick and healthy, and I can keep dinner new and imaginative. Without her, my health and husband would suffer.

4. House stuff. I LOVE when I need something new for the kitchen, it makes my week. Walking into the household section of any store makes me salivate. EVERYTHING from baking dishes to utensils to appliances I love. I would have no room to cook if I could afford all the shiny stuff I love admiring! I've been lucky so far-most of my "indulgences" have come in pretty handy. (ie, salad spinner....HOW did I do without one again??) Some...haven'.t (Vases, lots of vases...)

5. Cabs. It's hard admitting to this one. You see, where we live, the bus comes once in the morning...and usually that time is at least 2 hours before I have to be at work. So, most mornings, rather that get up two hours early, I sleep in..and call a cab. Bad bad bad. It's an indulgence that I am striving to break.

The three people I will tag are:
And....Ashleigh?? Even tho she doens't have a blog...I need more bloggy friends

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