Saturday, August 28, 2010

Micro and Macro

I love economic speak.

We were talking about the roles we play in terms of our household finance, and the best description we could find for those roles is micro vs. macro.

I am not a big picture girl. At least, not with my money. But I am working on. It used to be that it was guaranteed if I went into the mall with $60 to spend on something, I'd be walking out with nothing left. If what I was looking for was only $25, I'd get a bonus item. And a latte. Lots of lattes. I'm trying now to save some of the allowance I have for bigger purchases, fun things to do, and yes, the occasional latte.

The way this affects our attitude on finances is that in terms of budgeting for long term/abstract concepts, Ted is very much in command of where our money goes. He is so good at focusing on our long term dreams and making them tangible. He can imagine things, add up the costs, and make a plan that's going to work. He also saw that incorporating me into our household finances was so important, and our jars was the perfect compromise.

The jars give me limits. The boundaries set out are not meant to say "I can't trust you with our money." In fact, it's just the opposite. They play on my strengths. He is saying to me, "Here's our weekly household budget. I know you will provide for us what we need within these means. You will stretch them. You will be creative with them. You will make this household budget go farther than I could ever take it." And he's right. I coupon clip, watch for sales, and get creative on getting the most out of what I am given. He's encouraged me to use my strengths positively for our home. We were lucky to discover that I excel most on the micro scale, and I am blessed with a partner who has a gift for the macro.

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