Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finances aren't everything

I know that every post I make is financially focused, but our family is currently in a journey that is discovering where our finances are placed in term of priority. And it's certainly not first.

Being secure in our family budget is incredibly important to us. We need to know we're not living beyond our means. We need room to breathe, and hopefully, we need a little left over in order to be able to afford things like family trips, and updates to our home.

Our priority though, in making a financial structure for our family, is OUR FAMILY. We're doing it to be good examples for our son. We're doing it to take the stress of being stretched too thin out of our home. We make a plan to have goals in sight and achieve them, and hopefully when Sam is older we can include him in our plans and goal-making.

We recently faced a decision, a crossroads. We were in a position where there was an opportunity for me to work full time, out of the home. This job would certainly give us the opportunity to afford more travel, and update our home. We would be able to afford more stuff. But we sat, we discussed, and we decided that stuff, is just stuff. It can never replace the time I spend with my son every day. By being home, I feel our family eats healthier, because I have more time to plan and execute healthy meals. We have many lunch times together when Ted is not away. Because I maintain the household in terms of day-to-day chores, our evenings and weekends are our own. With a full time job, I would lose so much more than we would gain with extra finances.

So the decision was made, TODAY, that I would begin selling Epicure Selections. I work from home. I set my hours. I LOVE the stuff. I am not sacrificing time with Sam, and we are still gaining financially.

I am so blessed I know to be in the position that we are flexible enough in our finances to be able to work in the home.


Kara said...

I am confident that you will be very successful in this endeavor. You are a very focused person and strive to meet the goals you set. Not only will you be able to spend time with your family while providing an extra income, but you'll also be growing as a woman, wife and mother while providing healthy and economical meals for your family.

I look forward to cheering you on this journey.

Anonymous said...

I admire you want to spend more time with your son; so working from home is a great option but I don't honestly see how you can say you are able to maintain your house and spend more time with your son by working from home. I say this as you seem to be stretching yourself very thin.. you go to school and have epicure now and still are trying to balance your household with a toddler. You are quite often commenting on how you are trying to find time to do school work or that you don't seem to get time to sit down and relax with your husband and son because you are so busy trying to keep up with everything else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I can see your point about worrying that Ally may be stretching herself thin. However, if you look at the alternatives, from Ally's point of view, she certainly has created more AT HOME/FAMILY time by choosing to go the home business route rather than work FULL TIME outside the home, as that was the alternative to her Epicure choice. 8 hours a day working plus the additional 1.5 hours travel time that she'd have spent outside the home certainly would be more draining than finding an hour or two here or there to work on some school work or present at an Epicure party. Besides, one can always reboot the laundry whilst working on some business/school stuff during Baby's nap time.

Ally D said...

Anon @ 8:35-thank you for your support!

Anon @ 6:26-my day is usually broken up into time with my son, nap time working, play with son, nap time schoolwork, and then play until hubby is home. Yes, it means that date night with my husband is sometimes a folding party, or play time is baby "helping" mum unpack the tupperware cupboard while dishes are being washed, but the face time with my family is so much greater working from home than outside it.

Jodi said...

Ally it peaked my intrest the post you blogged today to find out where the comments came from "what post". So I searched it out read the comments since that is not something I usually read and decided you need some encouragement to continue doing what you are doing. I know the delicate balance between work, school and home as I did it all as a single young mother. I too choose the work from home option my work differs from yours but its all the same a delicate balance between them all. I am still working when my children get home from school but I am here and they know that and so will your son and in the end thats all that will matter. I too am often overwhelmed with the balance and get behind in household chores thats because I have chosen to spend time with my kids over changing that load of laundry,washing a load of dishes or cleaning a toilet and those are the moments that will matter most is that you were there, available when your son or husband needed you "RIGHT NOW". You wont ever regret your decision to focus on them and your schooling while making your own hours with an at home buisness, its so much more flexable then some might assume while bringing in extra income and getting the education to do the Job of your dreams when your son will be off in school full time enjoy it while you can the time is so short and goes by so fast. :) You are doing wonderfully !

Ally D said...

Thank you Jodi, the encouragement from someone who's been there before means a lot to me.