Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Put Off Til Tomorrow...

...what you can put off forever??

This line is often (somewhat jokingly) passed around our household. I am a procrastinator. I married a procrastinator. Sometimes we find that even harder than budgeting our money is budgeting our time.

We were trying to figure out today how we actually started with the jars. We had come back from a wedding, we had been talking a lot about money, but Ted had trouble recalling how we came about actually sitting down and working out our first budget. I told him it was a Friday, therefore in our house the Til Debt Do Us Part marathon was on, and we were watching Gail chew out a couple for their outrageous spending habits. (If you've never checked out this show, you seriously have to. She's so REAL about facing the music of your family's finances, and she makes it all make sense.) I remember distinctly Ted just grabbed our laptop, grabbed the bills from the past 6 months, and we just DID it. (I'll come back to what we did in a later post.)

How many things are just brushed to the side in my day to day life? How many of my projects are permanently in the "in progress" stage? We're in the middle of a move, and I'm finally having to face up to those back of closet, buried in basement, back of the mind piles. In our new home, we have a couple targets we want to reach. We are in a much better starting position in terms in terms of organization. We have purged many of the things we have no need for, and we're implementing from day one systems to keep the stuff under control. I've made a commitment to pick just one household project a week to complete. It can be sorting a tupperware bin of old household decorations, reorganizing my cupboards, or writing and addressing my Christmas cards. I think as a result of this my house, my life, and certainly my finances will be in much better shape.

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