Thursday, July 28, 2011

Role Reversal

This last part of summer is an exciting time for our family. We are reunited, and enjoying play together, family and friends coming to stay, some camping, and possibly a trip down to the GTA to see hubby's side of the family.
An interesting dynamic has now emerged though, in which we are experiencing some role reversal for the first time. Hubby is on extended leave as he makes up for so much time away, and I am continuing to work part time. We've never really had the chance to try on "stay at home dad" with a working Mommy, and it's a neat perspective. Rather than shy away from the switch, hubby and I are making things interesting.

For the month of August, while he is off and I am continuing to work, hubby will be embracing the micro aspect of our budget. In the past he's described why I do the groceries and meal planning as "The person with the most patience should do that job" and it's true. It's time consuming to read every flyer, record price matching, clip coupons, and meal plan. Since I usually cook, and I know off the top of my head what goes into what recipes, it just makes sense that I do it.

It's a lot of work.

It also involves creativity as we try to spice up (haha) meal times, and truly bring a sense of enjoyment to our food. It doesn't *just happen* and I think both of us plan on making the most of the other side of the coin.

My challenge will be the beginning of August, in which my work will increase to full time. I'm actually really grateful to get a better appreciation for all my husband puts into housing, feeding, clothing and providing for us. Not every couple gets the chance to get a better view into what the other's practical day-to-day life looks like. While change of pace in itself can bring refreshment, I think it will also bring a renewed joy in the day-to-day job I get to do of raising a toddler, managing a household, and provide the best comfort I can give to out family.


: ) said...

So I know that Ted has taken on the challenge of doing the shopping and meals for Aug. and and quite excited to hear what he comes up with.
I read the first part and think(if I didnt know ted was taking on this challeneg from you) that you could continue to do the meal planning and preparation of price matching and list making for him to do the shopping for!?
Even though I am off and Greg rarly sees time off; I know that shopping is just my role as his role is garbage and lawn care whether or not either of us is home or working roles were switch.
Can't wait to see and hear the adventure unfold!

Christian Conservative said...

I've actually been converted to the value of the "role reversal" to some degree within marriage. When we got married, I managed the money, full stop. Not being very organized, things didn't go as well as they could have, and there was a disconnect between us about what was coming in, and where it should go out.

We've learned that it's important for whoever is doing most of the spending to have the larger degree of managing the budget. It results in everyone having a more clear idea of what we have, where it needs to go, and what's left over for "other" projects and such.

There's another reason I wanted to comment... cause I never have on your blog Kiddo, and just wanted an excuse to post as the proud "Big Bro" on your blog... ;-P Thanks for the prominent plug on the top right there! (how appropriate... over on the right...)

Lindsey said...

A little role reversal goes a long way in teaching us appreciation for our spouse's job. You might as well take advantage of the situation - most people's lifestyles don't give them the chance to make a full switch.