Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm glad that in spite of distance, my hubby and I can negotiate. When I was in high school a teacher of mine talked about negotiation vs compromise. She said that compromise suggested both parties giving something up, while negotiation led to both parties obtaining at least part of what they want. That stuck with me. I think we're both decent negotiators, and we both recognize that we balance each other out when it comes to purchases.

My refurbished Dyson is en-route, with free shipping and a 2 year warranty, and costing just over half of what a new one would. I'm glad that Ted and I found a solution we're both pleased with, and I am SUPER PUMPED to vacuum this place top to bottom when it gets here. Review to come.


Lindsey said...

You're totally going to clean your house more now.

I'm glad you came to a compromise - it's actually more rewarding than getting your own way.

Ron Kapchinsky said...

Please speak with your neighbors and try out your new vacuum at our new house.