Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just visiting

Today, my very first guest post at a friend's blog was published. It was kind of exciting to write about something non-financially related for a change, and while I was nervous, the very candid author reassured me that, "If I had thought you'd suck at it I wouldn't have asked you." It actually helped a lot.

When I started blogging, I felt like having a topic would keep me grounded and focused, and it's a practical enough subject that life-examples and posts will constantly come up in my life. I ALSO think it's something that not enough people talk about openly. We could all save ourselves and loved ones a lot of heartache if we just talked with candour about those hard-to-talk-about subjects, like personal finances. That's just my opinion.

Lately though, I've had situations in my life that aren't financial in nature, that I have the desire to write about. It's been on my mind if maybe I should explore some unchartered writing territory.

Whether or not I leave the financial district or not, I want to say a sincere and heart felt "thank you" to everyone that's read along with my blog, stuck it out, and cheered me on. You guys pretty much rock.


Mom said...

Hey - it doesn't have to be either or...

Lindsey @ Campfire Song said...

You're smart. Whatever you decide to write about, I'll still read it.