Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've had a recurring theme of simple vs. complex coming up in my life. Most of it is showing itself in work, and I'm finding a new passion for being concise, to the point, and straightforward, without, hopefully, losing flexibility. I think that goal is completely transferrable when making future financial plans.

In a lot of cases, structure is good, and detailed planning is necessary. For friends that I know I working towards paying off debt, they've found a lot of guidance and help from Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. His detailed, step by step process is outlined here: http://www.daveramsey.com/new/baby-steps/

Detail is good when implementing a budget, you don't want to overlook or miss things. I think where simple becomes really important is in the planned spending aspect of a budget. It's so easy to become all over the place in where you want to spend, with a list of 10 projects on the go and buying goals that will take a decade to complete. Now, I have learned over the past few years that goals are good, and planning is good, but I think sometimes we can get so caught up in "what's next" without leaving any flexibility. If I have my next $30,000 in expenditures planned, then where's the room for generosity? Where's the option of spontaneity or changed circumstances?

I just can't seem to get out of my head how complex modern life has become. All the busyness, and all the planning can make for some over structured schedules and stressed out families. If I pile 40 things into my week, and can't achieve them all (because the list was unrealistic to begin with) then I know a lot of women, not just myself, that would beat themselves up for not being able to "do it all." In direct response that pressure I've felt in myself, I've felt a calling back to simple. I have goals, I have schedules, I have guidelines, but I have the option to say, "that's too much" or even, "let's wait, and sit on it, and see." Forward momentum makes us feel like we are accomplishing, but sometimes so much is learned and gained from RESTING instead of moving.

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Lindsey said...

Funny - I just blogged the other day about dumping responsibility that's not mine, and getting back to basics.

The clearer my schedule and my countertops, the more balanced I feel.