Saturday, May 28, 2011

Discerning Need Urgency

Sometimes, when we recognize a need, it is incredibly difficult discerning the urgency level that need really has. I feel like North American culture whispers in our ear constantly that we have to fulfill all our needs now, RIGHT now, and we as people are unfulfilled until we have everything we can possibly need. That mindset seems so silly when stated matter of fact like that, but I see in my life how often I have and still struggle with wanting it all, and wanting it all now.

What I've really noticed I struggle with, is patience in letting a need rest for a little while. Sometimes, yes, things need to be replaced asap, but there's a lot of stuff in life that we can first try living without, before we run out and get the newest upgraded model.

The thing that's been on my mind that has been driving all this stuff home is work clothes. I recently applied for a job, was interviewed, (still no word back) but as I was preparing for this interview I was forced to pick an interview outfit. For most of the women I know, this would not be a painless process, and there is some amount of thought that goes into how we want to present ourselves. In picking this outfit I realized that a vast majority of my work clothes are not just pre-baby, but they are pre-husband. That is putting them in my early university days, and some even my late high school days. I found multiple articles that are a decade old. And while there are days that I can delude myself, I have to admit that I am just not the same shape I was after housing another human being.

In light of my aging wardrobe and (hopefully) fast approaching new job, I had work wear on the brain. It kind of worried me, knowing the price work clothes can be, but I am so happy I sat on it. I saw a sign on my drive home from grocery shopping for a Salvation Army kids clothes sale, for a dollar a piece. That price is much cheaper than most of the used places up here, let alone new, so I decided to turn around and check it out. The sale when I got inside was fill a bag for $5, with clothing not just for kids, but adults as well. Everything in the above picture I had in one bag. Most of the clothes are new with tags, and most of them are perfect for summer work clothes.

I'm not saying that ever ytime I need something, the need will magically be filled at a bargain bottom rate if only I wait a few days. But I'm starting to see the real battle in not letting a need take hold and POSSESS me. And a big part of that is truly confronting the North American lie that to consume is to be fulfilled. Sometimes, I would argue most of the time, we really do have everything we need to get by already in our possession. And most helpful is reminding myself over and over that the most important stuff in this life isn't stuff.

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Jodi said...

I can certainly relate to this post Ally. I remember when I started out thinking oh oh I need this and oh oh I want to have that. I also recall wanting it all RIGHT now ! My mom is my go to girl, she is a great source of information and usually gives me something to ponder when I bounce something off her. She constantly reminded me that I may want it but it doesnt have to be right now, so often I still catch myself wanting it now but the little voice in my head reminds me to wait on it, plan on it, and make sure its a real need. Although I still fit in those wants too I am happy to say my kids and my husband and I never want for anything our needs are all met.... at some point even if it isnt RIGHT now ! Thanks for sharing your view point :) Good Luck with your new Job its exciting to get out and see our full potential :) Congrats !