Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Financial Challenges

My husband and I have started this month to give each other financial and fitness challenges. These are things that are meant to stretch us, and take us a little out of our comfort zone.

My financial challenge for the month of April is an ice block. With my credit card in it.

We already severely limit the use of our credit cards, any purchases made on it are discussed, along with where the money is going to come from. (Some purchases come from our grocery budget, like when I order K-Cups online, while something like curtains would probably come from our household improvement savings account).

There's still a mental leap for me, letting go of the credit card, knowing that I can't access it, or use it. Also, it makes me wonder when the challenge is done, how long it'll take for me to thaw it out. Will I feel a relief and melt it down ASAP just.to.have.it? Or will my card take up residence in the freezer to truly become a "use in case of emergency" card? Considering my affection for travelling, I highly doubt it will stay slushied for long. It does make me appreciate the need to pay in full and plan out those tempting credit card purchases.

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Lindsey said...

Hope you got him back for such a CRUEL challenge ;)