Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Canadian Coupon Websites

Just wanted to let everyone know the websites our family uses for coupons.


These websites do NOT require a printer. Browse your coupons, pick which ones you want, and hit send. They will mail you your coupons within 5-10 business days. These coupons are for products I use regularly like Head and Shoulders, Pampers, So Good, and a ton more. Save a few bucks at the store next shop-give them a try!

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Amanda said...

Here are a few more that I use:
sign up for the Life Made Delicious emails (www.lifemadedelicious.ca) and you get extra coupons from save.ca that don't show up otherwise - new ones in each email! they come once or twice a month. Also if you go to http://livewellsavewell.ca there are even more coupons you can get through save.ca!
there's also gocoupons.ca
I also watch http://smartcanucks.ca/ and http://dealcetera.com/ for other deals and freebies.