Monday, May 3, 2010

Buying a House-Advice

That picture is of mine and Ted's very first place together. We learned a lot there, as newlyweds, how to run the house, how to work out disagreements, how you have to actually cancel a lease when it ends, it won't just end itself. :o)

I know the best way to learn sometimes is to ask questions of the people that have gone before me. Lots of questions. And ask, "What one thing would you change about your experience?" What would you spend more (or less) of your time on?"

Well, I'm asking anyone/everyone for advice, and their experiences when it comes to buying a house. Tell me a little bit of your story, brag about what you did right (or wrong), and what you'll repeat in the future!


Jessica Morris said...

:) I might just do a blog post today or tomorrow on this subject - good idea!!

#1 I think - at least off the top of my head - is have a good agent that is patient and working with you. We loved our agent and really valued his opinion. He never rushed us or made us feel like he was desperately trying to make a sale.

ashleigh said...

We bought our house relatively fast since we spend 2 weeks looking and then had it all finalized in 4 days... it was crazy; go with your instincts.. not the shiny and pretty. Get a home inspection done, and take photos/ videos of houses you like and such so you can remember what house had what and it will also help to remember each house better and not confuse them!
There is SOOOO much more I could tell you but those are the main points or thoughts right away!