Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm back with a passion!

After months of wanting to come back to my blog for keeps, I am making a new committment. We have so many new things happening in our lives, and the two biggest changes of all have so much to do with our family finances: having a baby, and buying a house. I want to share the stuff we've learned, and most of all I want to hear from people about the tools they use, and the successes they have.

This week I'm going to blog about our weekly budget, and the system we've found that works for us, and where we found it. I'm also going to talk about house shopping, and the hard lesson I'm relearning daily: needs vs. wants.

I hope we can share some cool tips, experiences, and advice!
Happy blogging!


ttocserp said...

I use an Excel spreadsheet for everything. Getting paid monthly and budgeting weekly sometimes throws things off though. So, when I calculate for a budget of $100 per week, I times that by 4(approx # of weeks in a month) and then times that number by 1.11 (31 / 28 = 1.107) to convert the result to a more accurate monthly figure. So, $100 per week equals $444 per month.. Make sense?

Ally D said...

Makes perfect sense, otherwise there would be times that you'd get to the end of the money before you got to the end of the month!